Open Source RTOS for ARM

ARM Port on Github

A new port of the Atomthreads open source RTOS for ARM is now available from Github. It has not yet been rolled into an official release but can be downloaded today from Github

Thanks go to Atomthreads user Natie Van Rooyen for contributing the port. It has been tested on various ARMv5 and ARMv7 platforms but an initial BSP is included for ARM926EJS on the IntegratorCP platform. Conveniently this platform can be emulated using QEMU so that you can work with Atomthreads, run and debug your applications without real hardware.

Full instructions for building and running the sample applications are included in the IntegratorCP README

Intended for embedded systems developers who require a simple lightweight scheduler to incorporate in their projects, Atomthreads provides real time threading support and standard RTOS features within a few small, highly portable files. Released under the flexible BSD license, Atomthreads provides a free solution suitable for commercial use without royalties or restrictions.